A.O. Ribeiro, the oldest in Galicia. - 1932

It is located in the province of Ourense, at the confluence of the Miño, Avia and Arnoia rivers. It is an Appellation of Origin with a lot of history, because in the area intensive vine cultivation dates back to the Roman imperial period. It is in 1932 when the D.O. Ribeiro is protected, but it is not until 1956 when the Regulatory Council is constituted. The predominant variety is the Treixadura and it makes, above all, white wine. It also makes red wine with the varieties Caíño tinto, Caíño bravo, Caíño longo, Brancellao, Ferrón, Sousón and Mencía, all of them are varieties that have been adapted over the years to the lands and climates of the Ribeiro.

Present in the municipality of Cenlle in Riobóo, Adegas DO REXURDIR, is the oldest Denomination of Origin in Galicia and one of the ones with the greatest historical tradition in Spain, already in the second half of the second century BC, wine was made in the Ribeiro , according to writings of the Greek geographer and historian Strabo.

Due to its privileged location, the Ribeiro is favored by natural barriers that protect the territory from sub-Atlantic storms and provide an oceanic-Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures that propitiate the ideal circumstances for growing grapes.

The average altitude of the vineyards ranges from 90 meters to 600 meters above sea level; Adegas DO REXURDIR, has farms producing grapes in plots with different types of soil and located at different altitudes above sea level, in order to create a wine with the maximum representative typicity of the Denomination of Origin.