General perspective of VIÑA VELLA vineyards. Sight from a window in the top floor of the “San Clodio hotel monastery” one day any of winter.

General sight of the valley, the village of leiro, San Clodio’s hotel-monastery and the Pazo-house of the family Eijan from the top of VIÑA VELLA vineyards.

Idyllic photos of the current condition of four sectors of the vineyards VIÑA VELLA before beginning the works of cleanliness of shrubs and deforestation.

Team of portuguese workers of the company ESMODOURO that has realized the labours of cleanliness of bushes.

Workers realizing forest labors for replanted later. Several images of the team of workers of the Portuguese company EXMODOURO, led by Fort Artur (who does not drink alcohol, but smokes a lot) in the various tasks of Viña Bella's deforestation.

Acacia baileyana, in Spanish “mimosa de baile”. Fantastic in the landscape of Galicia, but an epidemic for the agriculture.

Turning into fuel wood one of so many elderly trees.

Viña Vella is a great factory of organic material, ideal for the vineyard.

The most disagreeable of our works of deforestation, has been to destroy numerous houses of birds.

One of the gigantic rocks that exists in the top of Viaña Vella vineyard. For his volume it can weigh between 950 and 1050 tons. Profile of a troglodyte man emerging of the rock.

Monumental rocks placed capricious by the nature and that in his day are a motive more for visiting the vineyards

The old walls of the estate, they pass avoiding the big rocks capricious placed by the nature along last centuries.

The dog “Lion” has supervised the works of realized up to the date, which he has found satisfactory. Also help us in the hard works of deforestation.

Tourists of the zone who visit us to see the march of the works of replantation in the VIÑA VELLA vineyards.

Big trees extracted in the northwest of VIÑA VELLA by the last gale in the year 2008.

Topographic work.