Elaboration: Aging on lees for 6 months in stainless steel tanks.
Variety: Mencía 100%.
Climate: Atlantic.
Vineyard situation: Apellation of origin Rías Baixas.
Specific zone: Condado do Tea subzone. Crecente.
Vineyards: 80% adult vines of 50 years or more, 20% adult strains less than 50 years old.
Eco-sustainable own production.
Alcohol content: 12,5%.


Ideal storage temperature: 11º C
Service temperature approx: 12º C


Visual phase: Cherry red with bright ruby reflections of a medium and clean layer.
Aromatic phase: Aromatic touches of berries (currant, blackberry and raspberry), subtle mineral touch reminiscent of granite.
Gustatory phase: meaty, fruity with structure, young, fresh, with an Atlantic soul.


Carlos Manuel Blanco: Adegas do Rexurdir