Limited edition - 1,718 bottles

Elaboration: crushed and pressed in a pneumatic press with low pressure in contact with CO2.
Variety: Godello.
Climate: Atlantic – Continental.
Vineyard situation: Apellation of origin Ribeiro.
Specific zone: Avia River Basin, specifically on the left bank of the Avia River at the height of the San Andrés de Ribadavia parish.
Soil type: clayey.
Eco-sustainable own production.
Alcohol content: 12,5%.
Plantation density: 4,000 plants per hectare.
Buds per hectare: 80,000
Driving system: espalier
Pruning type: Royat, to thumbs.
Altitude of the vineyards: 90 meters above sea.
Pluviometry: 600 to 800 liters of water m2 and year.
Artisan harvest: made according to the ripening of the grapes during the month of October 2019 in which the grapes are selected in the vineyard manually.


Service temperature approx: 11º C

Tasting - unctuous, saline and mineral with intense structure and body

Visual phase: lemon green with golden tones, bright.
Aromatic phase: mineral touches, where aromas of ripe pome fruits (pear and apple) stand out.
Gustatory phase: mineral flavor, silica with an intense flavor of ripe pome fruits (pear, apple).


Carlos Manuel Blanco: Adegas do Rexurdir