The VIÑA VELLA farm of approximately (3.92’4 hectares) – 39,240 meters is located on a beautiful hill between Cabo and Barouta, with a privileged orientation, ideal for vineyards which has been a property of the Father Eijan family (1 ) almost from its origins.

(1) Father Samuel Eiján was born in San Clodio, with a strong Franciscan religious vocation, a teacher, writer, translator, a person highly appreciated throughout Galicia.

Viña Vella from its origins is distributed in two sectors, the lower part (southeast) of the hill, in a vineyard, and the upper part (northeast) to a forest reserve to supply firewood to the family home.

The part destined for the vineyard in the first plantation is distributed in five large terraces or perfectly walled sucalcos. When the farm was at its full capacity, it was possible to obtain a harvest (carried out manually) between fifty and fifty-five moios (2) (+/- 6400 liters, approximately today about 8,500 bottles of 0.750 liters) of an excellent white wine.

(2) Moios; professional jargon of the Riveiro lands.

Since its initial planting, the vineyard has always been attended in all its ordinary tasks by the salaried workers of the Eijan family, which means that there have always been wine artisans in the area with a great knowledge of all the tasks that they carry out. wine production.

Last year 2008, the heir and legitimate owner of VIÑA VELLA, Mrs. María de los Dolores Alicia Irene Eijan Moyano, sold the farm to a young engineer from Orense fascinated by viticulture and lover of the town of San Clodio, with the intention of repopulating Again the vineyard with a new project with which in a few years to achieve the old production and elaboration of a wine with a very high quality author’s label.

In this same year 2017, the VIÑA VELLA project and the property passed into the hands, also, of two young dreamers, nevertheless professionals of the viticulture Carlos and Eva. Carlos oenologist and Eva, his great manager, both with ample experience and knowledge of the sector and who will surely carry out their dream of making an extraordinary red wine like the one that existed and still does not exist in Ribeiro.

Alicia Eijan