Adegas DO REXURDIR, is clear that its duty is to contribute to the improvement of the society in which we live and in the same way that clients, distributors and partners give us their trust, we have to return that trust by collaborating with projects that represent social progress and contribute to improving our environment.

Environmental commitment

Adegas DO REXURDIR, looks towards the efficient use of resources to minimize environmental impact. The conservation of nature is a fundamental value for us, since we are aware that our activity is based on the resources it provides us with.

In our farms we prioritize natural cultivation methods whenever possible, for example in our vineyards we use organic remains from the winery such as stalks or skins as fertilizers, in the winery we take advantage of the winery’s construction and orientation materials to save energy.

The paper and cardboard that is used is free of dyes, plastics and varnishes, the glass that is used is of low weight thus helping to use less energy in its manufacture.

We recycle all the paper, cardboard, glass, giving uses to other lives for these materials.




Social and ethical commitment

Adegas DO REXURDIR is committed to people or groups with disabilities by helping associations or foundations that are committed to integrity or real inclusion in society of people with disabilities.
They provide their packaging with the Braille translation of the content of their labels so that people with blindness or visual impairment can approach the wine they are buying without the need for external help.

Equality is a fundamental leg of the social commitment of Adegas DO REXURDIR, 85% of the volume of work both in the field and in the internal work in the winery is developed by women.

Commitment and circular economy

Adegas DO REXURDIR merges both actions together, our maxim is EVERYTHING IS TAKEN ADVANTAGE NOTHING IS UNDO

We are clear about the concept of using goods and products in order to achieve zero waste, extending the life cycle of products transformed into raw material to be included in nature.
Adegas do REXURDIR conceives natural capital as an asset to protect and make profitable.

The greatest example we can show is our facilities that are based on natural rock and we use recycled wood in the construction of the same, we gave the tiles a second life by recycling them and taking advantage of them again.


Barrotillo and reused string to mark different vine plantations