Our Roots The rebirth of the passion for the land, for traditions that marked a work carried out with care, taking care of every detail. Taste of earth, of Galicia See, feel, taste, manage, transmit

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Rexurdir - Taste of earth, of Galicia

Since the beginning of our project, our wine philosophy is based on one word: commitment. The commitment to creating unique wines. The commitment to the winemaking styles that best express the autochthonous varieties of the Ribeiro and Rías Baixas appellations of origin.

See, feel, taste, manage, transmit. We are guided by our instincts knowing how to collect and interpret what Mother Nature offers us at all times, to which we add the passion, taste and love that we try to transmit in what we do.

Climate, soil, variety and the human factor are the four elements that explain the essence of our wines. But above all, one stands out: the human factor, because this is what has the capacity to create, to turn an agricultural activity into an art, to transform a grape and a land into a unique and different wine, but always respectful of tradition. and a typicality. That is the commitment of Adegas do REXURDIR.

Our viticulture is characterized by understanding the needs of the plant and providing it with a habitat where it develops under the best conditions, so that when the harvest arrives the grape can express its maximum qualities.

Wine is a living being that is constantly evolving
Carlos Blanco – Wine maker

Experiences to remember

Our roots

Galicians like our wines. Perhaps because they want to talk more than we do, or because they have a fugitive flavor and, looking for it, we recall times, places, loves, farewells…”

(Alvaro Cunqueiro)

Resurface, reappear, reborn. The rebirth of passion for the land, for traditions that marked a work carried out with care, taking care of every detail, returning them to the present with a modern and transgressive interpretation. Thus comes Adegas do Rexurdir from the hands of Carlos Blanco and Eva Bermúdez.

Adegas do REXURDIR was born in 2015 in Rías Baixas and in 2017 in O Ribeiro, before some exceptional witnesses: the green lands of Albariño bathed by all the blues that the Rías Baixas collect and the colors of the Avia River as it passes through Leiro in O Ribeiro The project is the result of a meeting between two young people, one from Rias Baixas and the other from O Ribeiro (Los Rexurdir). A viticulturist and a viticulturist-oenologist, who, passionate about the universe of viticulture and oenology, undertake an adventure of family memories, traditions, love of the land, creativity and modernity, to turn it into a story where the main actors dress up of musical notes, friendship and words. A story that becomes a range of wines made with the most avant-garde techniques together with the purest traditions of the land, using raw materials of exceptional quality.

Her passion for viticulture and oenology is linked to her origins. Both grew among stone presses, the barrels, the shafts, the bocois and the pipes that adorned the family wineries.

The Rexurdir families made wine with great care and in a traditional way. The stone press did not receive the grapes without first having been scrubbed by hand with a brush. The grapes were stepped on with the feet, in order to obtain the must that was later introduced into the wooden barrels for fermentation. In the winery the controls were very exhaustive. The subsequent commercialization was carried out in glass bottles and in barrels. At that time, the quality of the wine was essential for the prestige and notoriety of the family that produced it.

The Rexurdir saw the opportunity to recover the family tradition, the result of a handicraft work carried out with the same affection and care that characterized the work of their families. Thus began the history of Adegas do Rexurdir.


Rías Baixas A.O.

Rías Baixas is one of the five Denominations of Origin that exist in Galicia. It is divided into five subzones –Valle de Salnés, Condado de Tea, El Rosal, Sotomayor and Ribera del Ulla – which have a series of common physical characteristics.

Ribeiro Wines Wines A.O.

Wines with marked Atlantic features, fresh, fine and elegant, tinged by a mild influence of the Mediterranean climate. The characteristic climatic transition factor together with the orientations and slopes of the vineyard, the use and mixture of local varieties and the type of soil, mark the Ribeiro style.