Carlos Manuel Blanco

Carlos Manuel Blanco, 1975, (Leiro, Ourense), from an early age, due to his restless and enterprising personality, has led him to have extensive experience in the world of viticulture and oenology.

At the end of his EGB, he started mechanics at an institute in the area, as the course progressed, he knew that this was not his path, his path was the land, the climate, viticulture and oenology, thus he continued with what he lived in his house since he was born carried in his blood the tradition of the BLANCOTE family, O Ribeiro whose link with the world of wine is centenary.

Trained at A Granxa in Ponteareas as a winemaker and graduating as an agri-food engineer at the University of Vigo, he continues his training making wines in Galicia, Portugal, France and Chile, he is a chameleon professional with an unstoppable career, who makes wines with a personality that different from others.

He is passionate about viticulture, an artist in the winery whose main ingredient comes from the lands that he cares with his hands, the grapes, with which he paints pictures, his wines, a researcher, a man of wine, a free soul, a tireless seeker, humble, of the people, man of action, of the world, traveled and hardened already in the experience of a thousand and one battles. Carlos Blanco, is not deceived, continues on his way, on his feet, working with his hands, looking at the ground, without losing the sky, looking at the sea, the horizon, without losing his way, without losing that authentic direction that they mark heart beats…

Just as he is, he makes very limited productions, non-standardized wines, white and red wines with autochthonous varieties, wines that express what they are, letting each vintage be different, which gives his wines an unmistakable stamp and identity.

In 2010 he started his project, together with Eva Bermúdez, a project called adegas do REXURDIR, it began in the Rias Baixas Denomination of Origin and expanded in 2017 to the Ribeiro Denomination of Origin and the thing is not here.

Eva Bermúdez, Barro 1974

Her passion for viticulture and oenology is linked to his origins.
It grew between the stone press, the barrels, the shafts, the bocois, the pipes that adorned the family wineries, the best known being the so-called “Bodega do Lagar”, whose owner D. Ovidio Pulleiro, Eva’s grandfather, presumed to be pioneer of the Albariña strain in the area.

Roots marked by the significant presence of the Albariño variety in the family history. “With what care the vineyard was taken care of, with what care the wine production was taken care of, from the press to the bottle”.

The Albariño vineyard was the most precious, and delicate, for this reason it received exceptional treatments. Wine making is done with great care and in an artisanal way.

The stone press did not receive the grapes without first being scrubbed by hand with a brush. The grapes were stepped on with the feet, in order to obtain the must that was later introduced into the wooden barrels for fermentation. In the winery the controls were very exhaustive. The subsequent commercialization was carried out in glass bottles and in barrels.

At that time, the quality of the wine was essential for the prestige and notoriety of the family that produced it.

Eva sees the opportunity to recover the family tradition, when she meets Carlos, an oenologist, who shares her passion for oenology, the result of an artisan work carried out with the same affection and care that characterized the work of her grandfather. As a result of this meeting, Adegas do Rexurdir was born in the Rias Baixas Denomination of Origin and with the passage of time they also settled in the Ribeiro Denomination of Origin.

Appellation of origin

Rías Baixas

Piñeiro 41, 36193 Valiñas Barro, PO

(+34) 626 76 79 69

Appellation of origin

Ribeiro (Sobreira, Riobo - Osmo Cenlle)

Sobreira, 5, 32454, Riobó, Provincia de Ourense

(+34) 626 76 79 69